The surroundings
of the park


After an exciting adventure at JRP Xtreme, you can relax by visiting the picturesque surroundings of the park, which is located in the so-called Larian Triangle, the area between the two branches of Lake Como. The Vallassina is famous for its beautiful scenery and the fresh air, in fact Caglio has been the favorite holiday destination of the Milanese and Brianzoli since the 800.
The medieval village is quaint, along its narrow streets you can admire the old stone houses, many of which still retain the elaborate portals in gneiss and stone works, the result of the great work of stonemasons of the area.
Do not miss the tower house, a particular building typical of the medieval period.


Giovanni Segantini, is among the greatest exponents of current divisionism, he lived in Brianza from 1881 to 1886, the years he perfected his personal style and painted some of his most famous paintings.
To pay tribute to the great painter, the City of Caglio has created a permanent exhibition in the open air, placing large reproductions of his most representative painting in most suggestive spots of the City.
Some of the works that immortalize the Brianza campaigns are: Bagpipers of Brianza, After the storm, or the blessing of the sheep, A mass before and Alla pole, are his most famous paintings, which represent a view of the mountains seen from Caglio.


The Larian Triangle is a unique and charming environment. A wildlife oasis was created in order to protect it and make it known to younger generations. A protected area where you can see native animals, such as the large aviary which is home to native birds such as pheasants, thrushes and quail, while living in pens you can see different breeds of rabbits, ducks and chickens.
Mangers of wood with water and food are intended for wild animals such as deer, which often come here for a safe snack.

The Oasis includes also a small house with a small kitchen, a room and a porch where you can get together and eat in small groups.