Safety is the JRP Xtreme strength, obsessive attention to every step, from the installation of the platforms to equipment, is a constant and indispensable commitment for us.

To achieve this goal good will is not enough, so we decided to rely on the best Italian firms specializing in equipment for rescue at height and climbing. Investing in the best material for us means you can experience an exciting adventure at zero risk.

Nothing is left to chance, before starting each path our trained and experienced instructors, help the guests to put on the safety equipment and harnesses correctly. After dressing, the instructors explain each attraction and the obstacle of the course in detail, answering any questions or concerns.

Nobody is left alone on the route, based on the number of participants from two to four instructors will accompany the group step by step, ready to intervene in case of block or difficulty.

The complete equipment is already provided in the price, it consists of: a helmet, harness (from the shoulders to the waist), permanent security carabineers, pulley and gloves.

The equipment provided by JRP Xtreme is the best available on the market, in fact, we are the only ones of our kind in Lombardy to use the Coudou Pro system, a continuous lifeline that will not allow a snap disengage. On all the sights, in fact, they are installed in the plates that allow the hook to slide but not to disengage; thus forming a closed loop that accompanies the participant from the start until the end of the obstacle. This way we are sure that nothing unpleasant or dangerous can happen along the way.

Every year the entire route is checked and verified by specialized professionals, which issue the appropriate compulsory certification, but for added security we repeat the checks on structures and equipment every day.