The park offers many fun and exciting activities, suitable for children of all ages. From Family paths for younger adrenaline Xtreme, suitable for teenagers and young adults, all groups can find a suitable challenge, to find out how to overcome the difficulties in a positive way.

Growing up means learning to overcome obstacles through their own efforts, learning not to be afraid from the curb, but facing life with courage and determination.
The JRP Xtreme is a wonderful place for kids, where they can live exciting adventures in complete safety.

Experienced and qualified instructors follow children all the way, helping them to wear harnesses and safety equipment.

Schools, churches, scout groups can spend fun and educational times immersed in nature, making dynamic activities and high educational and didactic content.

A typical day would have a path in the morning, and an educational activity like a workshop surrounded by nature or trips in the beautiful surroundings of Caglio in the afternoon.