What child does not dream about climbing trees and jumping like a super hero? Choose JRP to celebrate birthdays, graduations or special occasions, will you give an unforgettable gift to everyone, from the youngest child to those who remained inside?

Running suspended between the trees, doing high jumps and climbing to the sky, for once the boys will live these adventures in first person and not in a video game!
Immersed in nature, they will face the exciting challenges on the Family paths, testing their courage and their strength, in total safety and always under the watchful eye of instructors from the park.
The four paths of the park dedicated to families, suitable for children aged three and older, differ in complexity and commitment to meet all the partygoers.


Even older kids and adults can celebrate their birthdays or other important occasions such as graduations, the JRP Xtreme, addressing the challenges of the adrenaline Xtreme path.

Jump into the void, walk on sheer rope bridges over the river gorge and fly by cable car at 60 meters high… if you want to prove that the years pass but you never grow up, the JRP Xtreme is the place for you!