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Xtreme Path

Are you ready to test your courage? Challenge your friends, overcome your limits and discover the pleasure of adrenaline flowing through your veins. No excuses, this is the time to launch yourself ... literally!

Try your hand between pulleys, hoists and jumps from amazing heights and more excitement: the Xtreme path consists of 7 stunning attractions to face without fear.

incredible breathtaking sights

MAXI Cableway

The adventure begins with this long cable car 130 meters 40 meters high. You'll understand immediately how many emotions you can experience in 130 meters!

Cableway Spider

The second exciting cable car, which will catapult you like "Spider Man" to a net.

Cableway Canyon

It consists of 3 cable cars crossing the stream, with a maximum height of 60 meters for a total length of 450 meters. If you think this will be real hard well... you guessed it, it is.

Xtreme Jump

The more daring will appreciate this: first you will jump from 10 meters high, then cross the river through two special pulleys that are 50 meters long. Thrilling!

Ravine Bridge

After the Xtreme Jump take the path back through a 30 meters long bridge, to Orrido peak. Challenging, but extremely exciting!

Vertical Cable Car

This is the last challenge, breathe deeply and ... enjoy! The cable car goes down along the stream with a 30% inclination. Fast?! Up to 50 km/h!

Maxi Cableway 2.0

The longest cable car. The best way to conclude your adventure... 250 meters of pure fun!

Will you accept the challenge?

Leaps in the dark, breathtaking passages and obstacles, discover the extreme challenge of JRP Xtreme.

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