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Bachelor / Bachelorette parties

Looking for ideas for a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party? An Original and Exciting party? With the JRP Xtreme you can live a breathtaking and unforgettable adventure together with the bride, groom and friends. The park staff will help you to organize a day of thrills and adventure!

Switching from the comforts of home, pampered by mom and dad, to the couple’s life, is a great adventure, it takes courage, audacity and a touch of madness. To get ready for this leap of faith, there is nothing better than to really jump! In-laws, mortgage payments and unpaired socks, nothing frightens any longer those who went through a canyon at 60 meters high.

Jump from dizzying heights, past cliffs and fly hanging in the air, spending a day at the most extreme adventure park in Italy is the most original and engaging way to have fun with friends and prepare for the big event.

Some ideas for the bacherlor /bachelorette

Celebrating the Bachelor or Bachelorette party in the JRP Xtreme is an adventure full of surprises. In addition to addressing the adrenaline route and its exciting challenges, you can also choose other activities. An example?

10.00: the adventure begins.
Arrival at the park. Prepare to meet the challenges of the Xtreme path, cable cars suspended in space, bungee jumping and more.

13.00: a moment’s pause.
Relax and lunch with cold meats and quality cheeses at the park kiosk, or in one of the pizzerias and the area shelters.

14.30: you thought it was over?
Air soft challenges in the woods or a hike through the beautiful countryside of Caglio are just some of the activities to choose from.

16.30-17.30 h: Now you’re ready to say yes!
Goodbye Appetizer.

The day is over!

It is not yet time to throw yourself on the couch, the evening is still long! We can propose different clubs and discos where you can have fun. Thanks to our partnerships with the locals, we can arrange an aperitif, dinner and entry into nightclubs from 35 €!
For those who would prefer to rest, we can recommend you several hostels and hotels, from 15 € with breakfast included.

Celebrate the Bacherlor/Bachelorette parties in the JRP Xtreme it will be truly unforgettable.


The Bachelor/Bachelorette package in the adventure park starts from 25 € per person, including of equipment. The groom or bride ticket in on the house!

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